Generations GL Series NXG

All seven system modules are reliable, easy to clean and maintain, accurate cutting and simple changeover to different confectionery bar formats. Various machines and electronic parts are situated at locations where sticky product scraps can be easily cleaned and not there to interfere with equipment operations. We have maximized the yield of your products during cutting to reduce the percent of scrap.
Sections of Snack-Matic:
A: Slab Maker Machine (SMM) provides easy change for different bar thicknesses.
B: Conveyor Drive Unit (CDU)
C: Multiple Cooling Tunnels. (MCT)
D: Conveyer End Unit (CEU)
E: Disk Array Cutting System (DACS) Pre design disk array of circular blades with designated cutting width
F: End Cutting System (ECS) is electronically adjustable to cut different lengths of bars.
G: Control Panel Station (CPS)

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